The on-site installation process has been designed for speed, ease of assembly and reduced skilled labor.

 SWI-Panel arrives to site, stacked in  the specific sequence required for  assembly.       


 SWI-Wall Panels are lifted and stood in  to position with each panel being fixed  to its predecessor it provides instant  bracing.  The use of temporary braces  is seldom required. 
 Doors and windows marked out in  factory are then cut out on site, the off  cuts may be used for doors, shelving  etc 

 Cavity walls supplied for plumbing and  electrical services.  Penetrations for  electrical boxes installed in factory for  rapid on site installation
 With wall installation complete,  ceilings panels are installed providing  finished interior surface with  diaphragm bracing to the entire home                     
 Ceilings are temporarily propped from  the underside allowing contractors to  work safely whilst completing truss  and roof framing.  
 The exterior walls are finished with  traditional stud work at 24" on center,  this provides lateral load resistance for  extreme winds as well as the wall  cavity for plumbing, electrical and  insulation.
 The remainder of the home is  integrated with standard building  products and trade practices. 

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