StormWall is used in a variety of applications that include Hotels, Schools, Apartments and Warehousing 

Family Dollar Stores built in Louisiana where the  use of StormWall has allowed the  General contractor  and owner  to realize the following key  benefits:

  • Significant reduction in Red Steel 
  • 50% reduction of exterior wall stud work
  • 100% solid fixing for wall cabinets
  • Reduced exterior wall thickness providing increased net leasable area without increasing slab size
  • Speed of construction 
  • Reduction in sub trade works

 Time lapse video of SWI-Panel installation: With Red-Steel posts and  beams in place along with steel stud at 24" on  center, SWI-Panel is installed and screw fixed through the stud into the cavity side of the wall panel eliminating screw  holes and plastering works to the interior face.

 SWI-Panel also provides the shear wall, load bearing and fixing requirements for remaining Red-Steel and roof  structure.
 Over 4500 sf of pre-finished wall panel installed in one day

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